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PEACE TECHNOLOGY, an idea for sustainable World Peace and successful businesses

What is Peace Technology?

  • It is technology for civil action that can help remove obstacles and facilitate the return to or establishment of a normally functioning, peaceful society.
  • A contribution to security policy to promote World peace and labour market policies that may create jobs in Swedish and other export industries. Also useful for disaster relief!
  • A new and important, innovative niche area that can bring great success to exports of goods and services while also contributing practically to the UN's work on disarmament and peace-promoting work.
  • We have seen the terms Military Technology, War Technology and Defence Technology! Today it is all too clear that the most important goal is not to win a war but to conquer a lasting peace and to facilitate the return to normal conditions in troubled, affected countries and areas.

Examples of Peace Technology areas

  • Technical systems and equipment for democratic development,
  • Communication, reporting, reconnaissance and surveillance, administrative systems,
  • Maintenance and repair of critical infrastructure and other buildings,
  • Rapidly built housing and other premises,
  • Protective equipment for people and buildings,
  • Humanitarian clearance (Demining) of land-, sea mines and minefields,
  • Detection, collection, safe storage, protection and destruction of weapons, munitions and explosives, UXO (unexploded ordnance), ammunition stores and dumps, including chemical munitions and substances, and their environmentally safe destruction


  • Peace on earth must be our ultimate goal! Today we use far too many resources on military, war and defense technologies and may forget that the main goal is peace!
  • Alfred Nobel realised that a Peace Prize was needed! These technologies are needed!

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Translation from The Royal Swedish Academy of Military Sciences, Transactions and Journal (KKrVA Handlingar och Tidskrift), 218(2015)4 pp 82-105,
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